Sunday, December 07, 2008

The lights are on. And The Boss Lady is home.

The wife was smart enough to get revenge this morning. I was sick and skipped church last week. So she pretended to be sick and skipped church this morning. Taking the kids to church solo is always an exercise in religious persecution. Keeping two kids from wiggling out of their seats is always fun. Much more when you can't yell at them to get the job done.

After church I went and hid in the one place kids aren't allowed at our house. The roof.

It took me many extra trips and lots of extra cussing to get the lights and Christmas decorations hung this year. But the job is finished. Lighted wreath, check. Polar bear inflatable, check. Tigger and Winnie the Pooh inflatable, check. Six strands of lights, got 'em.

But the best part of my set up? The remote control on/of switch that controls everything at once. I bought the system a few years ago and it rules! I have a little key fob remote that controls all of the Christmas lights at our house. No more running outside in pajamas to unplug lights when it starts to rain.

After I finished up with the decorations, the kids and I loaded up and took Marge for a cruise around the neighborhood. The weather is perfect and we wanted to make good use of a perfect December afternoon.

Pictures to follow tonight, once it gets dark enough to capture the full spectacle that is our yard.


Anonymous said...

HA! I keep picturing you having a Clark Griswald moment while, "Hallelujah!" is playing in the background.

The Father of Five said...

"No more running outside in pajamas to unplug lights when it starts to rain"

There is a solution to that (other than the remote control)... It's called snow! Copious amounts of snow! We are expecting six inches today!! WOO HOO!!!