Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We probably just shortened their lifespan,

but we named the chickens today. Figuring out perfect names may be the hardest part of having pet chickens and pet children in the same family. We have gone through several iterations of chicken names with this flock, but as of today, they are somebody.

The largest Light Brahma is Kernel (aka Colonel) - She leads the flock and seems to be the mother hen.

The smaller Light Brahma is Fillet (aka Fil-A) - Because The Talker has a sick sense of humor.

The Buff Orpington is Butterscotch - Because The Princess finally settled on Butterscotch.

The fourth bird, who turned out to not be a Buff Orpington, is called Mystery Meat (aka M&M) . This was the first bird named and the name has stuck.

Speaking of Mystery Meat, we are now fairly certain of her breed. She is a Red Sex Link Hen (aka Red Star). We were at the farm supply store and they had several brooders full of Red Sex Link hatchlings. They look exactly they way M&M looked back then. I am convinced that she was simply mis-sorted when the chicks were put out for sale. She should still be a good egg layer.

I screwed up and accidentally deleted the rest of the chick pics. I'll re-do them tomorrow.


UrbanVox said...

yayyyy for naming the chicks!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture!!!!
She looks really happy to be loved by the princess!!! To bad, she will make a lovely dinner some day!!!