Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why I am tired at 9pm

A peek into my day. Granted, it is still a sweet gig, but being on my feet from 6:18AM until 4:27PM is wearing me, and my tennis shoes, out...

Midnight Remember box of Christmas present doll furniture I promised to assemble for a single mom who works with me at the preschool that I left in The Boss Lady's car.

12:01 AM Run out to car to get box of toys I promised to assemble

6:18 Awake and in the shower, several minutes after The Boss Lady finishes up in there...

6:23 Simultaneous dressing and getting kids breakfasts ready

6:45 The last child is up and moving

6:45-7:21 Repetitively mumbling about shoes, jackets, backpacks and the like

7:21 Out the door for carpool run

7:35 Arrive at school 10 minutes before the tardy bell! Little victories, people...

7:55 Back home

7:55 - 8:30 Round two of repetitively mumbling about shoes, jackets, backpacks and the like as I am assembling Christmas present doll furniture. Add in one side trip to the garage to repair a broken part that is crucial to the assembly of the baby bed.

8:30 Out the door for school run #2

8:33 Back into the house for forgotten Christmas gifts expertly assembled earlier in the morning

8:35 Off to preschool

9:05 Arrive at school, drop off the girl 5 minutes late

9:15-9:55 Clean and set up playground for 85 kids to use later in the morning

9:55 Drive to fire station to drop off toys collected by the preschoolers

9:57 Drive to different fire station to drop off toys collected by the preschoolers since the first firefighters were out on a call

10:15 Watch as a firefighter is carrying in the carefully assembled doll furniture from earlier in the morning

10:15:30 Explain to firefighter why doll furniture is staying in my car

10:16 Reload doll furniture into my car

10:45 Back at the preschool after detour by Taco Shack for morning snack

10:50 Find out that I will be in The Princess' class for the rest of the day

10:50-1:15 PM Life was just a blur with 12 4&5 year old kids making Christmas crafts

1:35 Back home, let chickens out of coop

1:40 Try to eat lunch

1:45 Watch dog eat my lunch as I come back from a potty break

1:46 Clean up left overs and feed them to the chickens. Kick dog in the big white butt

1:50-2:15 Try to get new batteries into the TV remote and reprogram remote

2:15 Sit down to watch the news

2:22 Help dress that @#(*& Polly Pockets

2:27 Watch the news

2:35 Help dress a real doll

2:38 Give up and turn off the news

3:01 Meet the The Talker's bus

3:20 Run to bank (It ain't cheap being this busy...)

3:45 Run to Sonic for a late lunch

4:00 Back home

4:05-4:35 Wash my car with help from The Princess

4:35-4:40 Re wash my car, solo

4:41 Sit down to eat lunch

4:42 Lunch is cold, give up and feed it to the dog

4:43 The Boss Lady gets home. Day is almost done, now...

5:00 Leaving now for 6:00 meeting. At least they are serving dinner!


Doll Clothes Gal said...

Phew - what a busy schedule. Getting it done though! Well done.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, but I'm pretty sure I would have like, half this many entries if I were to do it.


bloomer79 said...

I know the feeling, I felt that way last year with a toddler, a son in pre-k, and a first grader. It does get better with 2 kids going to school all day long.

UrbanVox said...

Once again...
I feel your pain mate! :)