Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!
And a rambling blog post to you

The Boss Lady started a two week vacation on Monday. It sure is nice having her around once in a while. In the past I have tried to hustle up some work at my old job over the holidays, but this year I think all need the break. Especially since The Princess has felt like garbage until last night.

We switched medicines for overnight, based on advice from my new favoritest sister -in-law and The Princess slept like a baby for the first time since her tonsil surgery. 11 hours later and she is still sacked out. Thanks, Aunt A!

The kids are excited about Christmas. Though The Talker just yesterday swore off some of his favorite toys. "I hope I don't get any Star Wars. I have too much and I don't play with it much." Let's just say, I hope the boy can deal with a couple of disappointing gifts, then. Or he should decided to let us know before Christmas Eve when a toy is out of favor. Especially when Target had those disappointments on a 50% off sale a few weeks ago!

The fam went to our one and only Christmas Party the other night. A low key affair at the home of our new Pastor. He has kids. half the people there had kids. There were kids everywhere. Dancing in the kitchen, playing tag upstairs and football out in the front yard. And as usual for events like this, when I don't know most of the other adults, I had a lot of fun playing with the kids. The Boss Lady got to socialize with adults and I didn't have to. It was the perfect Christmas Party.

One last note: The Wii Fit is an official butt kicker. I am sore-up, from the floor, up, after messing with that machine for a few hours over the past week. Worse than the soreness though, The Talker seems to be able to beat me at most every athletic event. A big YEAH! for competitive yoga!

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UrbanVox said...

competitive yoga???
I sooo have to get a Wii!!!