Friday, December 19, 2008

The movie list

Since having her tonsils taken out, The Princess has felt pretty lousy. Running through the movie selections at home pretty quickly, so we stopped at the grocery store to rent up some winners (and donuts) this morning.

So far she has watched:

6 original 3 Stooges episodes
About a dozen of the 3 Stooges cartoons
Barbie and the Island Princess
Disney Princess Enchanted Tales - Follow Your Dreams
TinkerBell (twice, I think)
30 minutes of Poke-e-mon
Loads of Disney/Nick/Noggin on TV
And I bet there were one or two others...

Now we are onto the rentals: Flushed Away and later, Kit Kitteredge: An American Girl

At this point, The Princess gets whatever makes her not feel worse. 20 hours of TV a day? No problem. 3 donuts for breakfast? You bet! Because not only does she feel really lousy from the surgery, but I seem to have picked a winner day to have a brain buster of a migraine...

Now back to your feature presentation(s).


Eric said...

do u guys have NetFlix?

Mike said...

No NetFlix. Would have been a great time to try it out, no?

The Father of Five said...

Mike... Next time I'm not feeling well... I'm coming to your house!