Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life on the road

It has been a busy 48 hours.

The Boss Lady and The Princess took a one way flight out of town on Friday afternoon. Now, as far as I know that isn't something I should worry about. After all, she left the boy.

This is the second year that the wife and daughter were on a race team in support of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's Walk for the Whisper. Their team raised a couple of thousand bucks for the NOCC.

Simultaneously, 250 miles away, the boy and I spent Friday night trying to camp out in the backyard. And howling at the moon. We ended up in the house, but not until almost midnight.

We would have stayed up later, but he had an 11 soccer game on Saturday morning. So we had a restful morning then went to battle with the red team. The Talker scored a goal. His first. He also scored one on his team's goal later in the game. But he still does not want to talk about that...

As soon as the game was over, we drove up to UNT to catch a football game.

As we were driving through Ft Worth, we passed an air show and got to pull over on the high way and watch The US Air Force Thunderbirds perform. We were too far away to hear the jets, but close enough to see the entire performance. Super Cool!

It was fun cruising the old campus and showing my old haunts to the boy. He was not impressed. And I was a little blue, because Crumley Hall, one a haven of upperclassmen (and women, hubba hubba) who participated in all sorts of evil and carnal activities while we ran up our parent's credit cards, is now a women's dorm. It is very pretty now and smells NOTHING like it used to. Sad. Very sad.

Still, the boy and I sat in Procrastination Corner, a nook in the lobby where my crew and I spent most of our non-class hours (and quiet a few class-time hours) and creeped out the Co-eds for a little while. Which happens to be almost exactly what me and my buddies did when we sat in Procrastination Corner, now that I think about it.

Edit: Monday 10/2/06 - It just gets worse. Today in the paper, I saw that our old greasy spoon dive of a cafeteria has gone healthy. How are these skinny little kids going to survive college while they are eating salads?

We watched the first half of the game and then we headed to The Mother of the Bride's house to hang out with three of The Boss Lady's nieces. The Talker actually chose to leave the game early. He was excited to play with his cousins.

And I was excited to get to The Mother's house, too, because I had not checked my email in almost two days. Alas, not a single unprotected wireless network was within range.

So this morning I sit blogging in the parking lot of a computer repair shop. It was simply the first hot spot I could find. We are definitely not at home. The WiFi cloud there is so thick you can almost touch it. Here, not.

In the morning we are headed to the state fair. Big Tex, corn dogs, a petting zoo and a huge car exhibit hall. What more could a boy or his dad want?

Just in case you wondered, the wife and daughter are looking forward to the fair, too.

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, that somewhere during the weekend my almost bald brother became The Sibling with the 2nd Most Hair. I got tired of seeing all of the grey hair and I fixed it. No grey to be seen. Or red or blond. Shaved. Smooth.

Last time I shaved my head, I had lost a bet with a 7 year old. This time, it was just me and the razor. The razor won.

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