Saturday, October 14, 2006

Can't sleep. Must Blog.

Wide awake before sunrise. So I started cruising the net then I ended up in my own archives. So here are a few posts from the past that still make me smile:

Please Don't Shoot the Armadillos

The Voices I Hear
Did ya know?
The Talker Gone Wild
Breaking News - Awwww Sh*t!
One of my proudest moments
Is this really it?
How to Dismantle All Feelings of Youth


Terry said...

Was this kind of like your Greatest Hits recap??? Good references!!!

Anonymous said...

I know you love the Simpsons, but this was an even cheaper version of a cheesy clip show. Great choices! Crapity-Crap-Crap--timeless literature, I tell you what! said...


Just fell into your site, by way of another, by way of another... you get the idea.

Love it. Love it. Love-lovity-love it.

OK, I just wrote the word 'love' too many times for my own comfort. Now I feel weird. Sorry.

As an at home dad to be, I appreciate your candor and humor. But I'm also freaked out. Did you really get a Dora The Explorer song stuck in your head?

Oh God, help me.

aka spike's dad

Mike said...

Put a crow bar through the screen of your TV before Spike hits 2 and you should be OK.

Goodbye Metallica and Kenny G

Hello Wiggles and Dora songs on endless repeat in your cerebral cortex.