Monday, July 26, 2004

Did ya know?

That The AtHomeFamily has a Banned Books Shelf?

This is not a place we store our subversive literature, this is the place that books go for a 'TIME OUT'. 2 year olds often want to read one story over and over and over and over and over.

Right now the Banned Book Shelf is empty, but several classic pieces of children's literature are on their way to 'The Shelf'.

Included in the current list of AtHomeDaddy's least favorite books:

The Wheels on the Bus Picture Book
Shrek - The Essential Guide
123 to the Zoo
Have You Seen My Cat?

Truthfully though, The Banned Books Shelf is not really a shelf. AtHomeDaddy realized that The Talker would be determined enough that he would climb the bookshelves, so we use the dining room doorway.

Stop by some time and take a peek at 'The Shelf'. Just don't take any books down, or you are risking your life.

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