Thursday, July 08, 2004

Camping Re-cap

The AtHomeFamily is now at home. Camping was top notch. The little cabin with AC kicked serious butt! Everyone stayed happy through the trip.


The Talker was thrilled to get use of the top bunk. Sleeping "upstairs" was a lot of fun.

The fishing was not a total waste. But AtHomeDaddy stayed up almost all night to make it worthwhile. Landed two smallmouth bass after midnight on Wednesday morning.

The Talker went overboard on the kayak (Or is that off the kayak?)while riding with mommy. Anyways, he got wet. The Boss Lady did not get wet.

Watching the divers jump off of the rocks into the lake was fun, but hopefully when they are teens, The Princess will be smart enough to talk The Talker out of jumping off of the boulders. Who am I kidding, she'll be the one pushing him off of the rocks!

And the best highlight of the week...

At home you seldom get to watch all female chain-gangs mow the yard. Cool! We will have to check the mowing schedule before we return. It was a good show!

More when I remember. My brain hurts, thanks to the Queen Mother.

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