Friday, July 16, 2004

T minus 71 hours, 30 minutes and counting

This whole summer has been a blast, but today marks the last weekday of The Boss Lady's break.  Sucks for her, but it is even worse for me.  Until mid August or so, she works 4 days a weeks, so she still gets 3 day weekends, but she is working a couple of extra hours a day to make that happen. 
Eventhough the 3 day weekends might be good for a little bit of fishing, the 13 hour days get really hard.  All of the whining is so hard to handle.  It is really hard to whine for 13 hours straight.  The Talker running around, saying "Daddy, stop whining...  Daddy, stop crying..."  does not help.
The Talker is snoozing late this morning.  The Princess and AtHomeDaddy are trying to get the lawn watered and The Boss Lady is off to the mall.  Really, she is going to a Dr's appointment, but she says that is too personal to blog about.  Once she leaves, AtHomeDaddy will start getting these kids into shape.  I only have 71 hours to get them back on the 'Daddy Program'... 

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