Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Road Trip Update 2

The AtHomeFamily has been busy doing almost nothing this week. We made it to The Store today, so even without fishing for 3 days, AtHomeDaddy is happy. Got a great deal on a new tackle box, so The Boss Lady might not banish me to the garage because of the horrible smells when I open the current box.

The Talker got to play with his cousin tonight for a couple of hours. He had a blast, but getting back to the Queen Mother's house was pretty fun, too. The boy has been up at least an hour past bedtime all week long. Hopefully we will get back to a routine Thursday night. Only 4 days until The Boss Lady is back at work, so AtHomeDaddy needs a good system in place this weekend

Heading home in the morning. Hopefully getting to fish Saturday morning, but I will have to hustle on the yard Thursday afternoon. No time to mow Friday, since The Mother of the Bride will be down for a night or two. (At least it isn't for three. Right, MotB!?!)

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