Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fun Day

The Boss Lady has been back at work four days. Today has been a reminder of how simple family life is when you divide and conquer. The AtHomeTrio stopped at The Boss Lady's office this morning to help hang some pictures.

On the way home, The Princess decided to take a catnap. Once home, she screamed until she was almost exhausted. Another quick catnap lead to another round of screaming. This would be no problem if The Talker were not napping. We would be out for a walk or a drive. But with one responsible adult (Yeah, right!) in the house and one child asleep, The Princess gets to yell.

So AtHomeDaddy and The Princess set up some ground rules.

1 Don't yell.
2 If you must yell, don't wake up The Talker
3 If The Talker Wakes up early, everyone will cry. (That is a threat, not a promise!)

So far Rule #1 has been ignored, Rule #2 has been respected and Rule #3 has not been necessary.

Anybody need a wailing siren to make their car sound like a fire truck?

Better run, there is more yelling and Rule #3 just got shattered.

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