Saturday, July 31, 2004

Weekend Update

Friday evening AtHomeDaddy wasted a couple of hours fishing at the flooded quarry near the house. Did not catch anything, but did not hear a 2 year old say "No, I don't like that" the entire time. (Aside- The Talker was told last night at dinner that if he finished the last bite of his sammich he would get a treat. He got the last laugh... After he ate his treat, The Boss Lady cleared the table and found the last bite hidden under the edge of his plate.)

The Boss Lady is working this morning, so The AtHomeTrio have been cruising the neighborhood, looking for trouble. Played in the backyard, went for a walk, The Talker played T ball in the front yard while AtHomeDaddy trimmed the Ash tree by the driveway and The Princess snoozed. We headed to the park but the 137% humidity and a migrane sent us home crying for momma.

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