Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Swim Day

The AtHomeTrio went to the pool this morning. It has been a while since AtHomeDaddy had to organize a family outing and this trip would have embarassed all other SAHDs that I know. The following is a list of the major items I forgot to take with us:

Diaper bag - diapers and wipes
Enough cash

And worse, while driving to the pool, The Talker tells me, "I wanna take off my jamas." I had even forgotten to get the kid dressed before we got in the car. We had a good time once we met up with the neighbors.

Back when I had a job, I didn't work very hard on my birthday. So I guess I'll use that as my excuse for today.


Rick said...

Was It your birthday?

Mike said...

yep. thanks for playing.