Saturday, July 03, 2004

Busy Weekend

The Talker and The Princess will be staring in the neighborhood 4th of July parade in their custom decorated double jogging stroller on Sunday. Which means, AtHomeDaddy and The Boss Lady stayed up late to decorate.

We will be out late Sunday, too, watching fireworks show that our church puts on. A nice professional show at the park where AtHomeDaddy fishes often. Hope the noise does not scare the fish!

Today AtHomeDaddy tried out the fishing at a city park on an island. Had a blast, and caught some striped bass. AtHomeDaddy photographed the first one to show The Talker. He was impressed. Doesn't everyone have a digital camera in the tackle box, now? Maybe I need a camera phone, so I could email pictures to The Talker right form the water!

The Boss Lady ran away for several hours tonight to go to the movies and dinner with the neighbor women. The Princess decided to scream for the first two hours, so the trio went for a ride. Cruised the old neighborhood where AtHomeDaddy's Grandmother lived. I was sad to see that the entire garden is gone. I put this garden in for Granny to enjoy. Once the house was sold, the garden remained and looked good for several years.

We are headed to the lake for camping and fishing this week, so those of you who cannot go a day with out reading this blog...

should get a life!

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