Thursday, July 01, 2004

Paybacks are Hell

About 9 months ago, The Boss Lady hosted a boozefest for the neighborhood women. They were supposedly playing Bunco, but I never saw dice, and I did see more wine bottles than people.

Before The Drukening AtHomeDaddy cleaned the house. It looked good, it smelled good, and The Boss Lady got lots of compliments that she shared with me.

Revenge is sweet. Friday morning AtHomeDaddy is hosting the weekly playdate for the Local SAHDs group. I called The Boss Lady out a couple of days ago by reminding her of The Pre-Drukening cleaning.

So today, I get a pass on cleaning the house. The Boss Lady has agreed to clean the house top to bottom. A good sign, the first thing she cleaned was the pet feeding station. The pet food table does not even get cleaned when The Mother of The Bride stops by. This, is serious cleaning!

So I woke up before The Princess and got the heck out of Dodge and went fishing. Same place I went last night. Same result. We will eat chicken for dinner tonight, again.

Though I had promised to take The Talker fishing today, he was asleep and I have not gotten him a rod of his own. We might go today to look. (When it comes to hobbies, look = buy.)

After getting home, I got the yard mowed. The grass is much too wet, but it is not raining. The sun is even out. I am sure that is why the fish are not biting. The don't remember what to do when the sun comes out.

More to do in the yard, but I think The Talker and I will go look at fishing gear. I swear, we are just looking!

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