Saturday, July 17, 2004

Weekend Update

The Talker and The Princess have enjoyed hanging out this weekend with The Mother of the Bride and two cousins.  The Boss Lady has been busy trying to keep everyone entertained and fed.  Highlights of the weekend include a trip to the waterpark/pool with most of the neighborhood and a lot of shopping.  AtHomeDaddy skipped out on the shopping trip to go fishing. 
I should have gone shopping, cause fishing was a complete waste today.  In less than an hour I lost two lures and broke a fishing pole.  The pole can be fixed, but the lures were brand new. 
AtHomeDaddy did accomplish one long held goal this weekend, though.  I now can make my own beef jerky and dry veggies from the garden, thanks to The Queen Mother delivering a brand new dehydrator for my birthday.   I spent yesterday working on a small batch of spicy jerky and now I am ready to stock up on the stuff to make a bunch.  The place we used to buy good jerky may go out of business without The AtHomeFamily stopping in to buy a pound everytime we drive by. 
Sunday, we are cold chillin' like villians illin' by the billions, 'cause it's The Boss Lady's LAST DAY OF SUMMER BREAK!

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