Thursday, July 15, 2004

What you got?

What do you keep on the visor in your car?
AtHomeDaddy kept a picture of The Talker and The Boss Lady stuck under the corner of the visor mirror for so long that the colors faded into oblivion.  Before that picture there was  nothing except an occasional speeding ticket or grocery list.
Once I tossed the picture in the trash, the visor looked bare.  That is, until I found THE perfect piece of visor-art.  It came from a Chinese restaurant down the street.  Great food, good prices and the best fortune cookies anywhere!  Ok, the cookie are the same as everywhere else, but the fortunes rule!
The first fortune I got at this restaurant made me laugh for an hour:
followed by several Chinese symbols and lucky numbers.  Unfortunately, I lost it before I was done laughing about it.  Back to the visor:  Now, on my visor, hangs the greatest fortune ever!
also followed by several Chinese symbols and lucky numbers.  And on the reverse side of the fortune:
Now is the time to move forward.
Maybe AtHomeDaddy is not a real deep thinker, but that silly slip of paper on my visor sure has been good for a lot of cheap laughs. 
So, what's on your visor?

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