Friday, October 27, 2006

Road trip route options

I have been considering a few different routes for my road trip to camp with Rick. The first route is the most direct and shortest. Plus, JB is sitting in LA, just waiting for me to come visit so I'll probably head that way. I see enough of the freeway between here and Dallas, so that route isn't happening, regardless of what Google says.

The mileage isn't correct on the hyperlinked maps, because I did not spend a lot of time tracing the exact route.

The most likely route.
Also the most direct route, through Shreveport, LA. Right past JB's house and the casinos. (860 miles)

The least likely route. Through Dallas, Google's preferred route. I already see enough of the freeway between here and Dallas. So I will be going another way. (920 miles)

If JB isn't home, I'll make one side of the trip on this route. Along the Gulf coast, to Mobile and north through Alabama.(990 miles)

A little shorter route than following the coast all the way to Mobile, AL. Along the coast, heading north to Meridian, MS then catching I-20. (930 miles)


Rick said...

You don't want to go through Mobile. The stretch from Mobile north to Montgomery is maddening. Miles and miles of nothing to see. Nothing.


Absolutely nothing.




dy/dx (0)

Rick said...

My fav route from Fort Worth to Tuscumbia as alwasys Dallas, Texarkana, Little Rock, Memphis, Corinth (MS), Tuscumbia.

I didn't realize HSV was this far north of Austin. And DFW for that matter.

Mike said...

something like this?