Monday, October 23, 2006

Me make smoke! And lots of it...

No, I am not spending another day on my fire starting skills. At least not on purpose.

But I did hope to get the car washed while the kids napped. I also wanted to eat lunch while they slept. Stupidly, I tried to do both at once.

Frozen pizza, with extra toppings carefully added, put into the oven on 450 degrees with the timer set for 9 minutes. Perfection on a plate for lunch.

Less than 5 minutes later, I forgot about the pizza and headed outside to set up the power washer. Bucket, rags, soap, power washer. Let's wash.

When I was rinsing the last of the soap off of the car, at least 15 minutes later, I heard buzzing. First, I thought the fluorescent light in the garage was on the fritz again. Then I realized the noise was coming from inside the house.

Open the door from the garage and like a stinky cloud of smoke, amid the noise of two smoke detectors going off outside the kid's bedrooms, I remembered the pizza.

Alarms quieted, oven off, pizza tossed outside. Boy rescued from the noise and sister still snoozes away the afternoon.

One part of all this isn't really funny. The boy heard the noise and was too scared to come out of his room. Guess we need to work on some more family fire drills.

Especially if I am going to be doing the cooking...


jen said...

Wow! I can't believe 15 minutes did that to a pizza! Good thing for the smoke alarms. Fire drill practice is real important. Hope you had another pizza in the fridge, Mike!

Mike said...

After that stink, the appetite was gone. I did not really need a pizza anyways.

Rick said...

Now that looks like some serious camp grub. Bring it with you.

Mike said...

THe dog ate it while I was inside blogging about it.

Ewwww gross.

Anonymous said...

That looks just like the plastic that you left in the oven during homemaking!

Darth Daddy said...

Holy Schnitzle!!! If I was ever served that at Pizza Hutt, I'd sock the staff right in the kisser!!

Mike said...

Darth Daddy - And the staff would deserve it.

KB - And those plastic dishes in the Home Economics kitchen got what they deserved, too.

Try to teach me to cook, will ya? I'll melt your @#*&($# dishes!