Friday, January 21, 2005

Please Don't Shoot the Armadillos

The Talker usually wakes up raring to go and ready to tackle the day. This morning, his first word were pretty usual:

"I'm a cowboy. And this is my Doodie Gun. It shoots fire." He says while wearing his cowboy hat and holding the vacuum hose.

About Big White Dog, "He is a cow. Aww, Your a good cow..." And the leastest blogged about things in the house, the cats, got in on the act too. "Look, at the armadillos. I'm gonna shoot an armadillo!"

I had to jump in. "Please don't shoot her, she is a good armadillo." Now, if he had gone after the OTHER 'dillo that lives here, it might be open season...

AtHomeDaddy is a lucky guy. No other dad on the block, or in the entire world, got to talk with a cowboy about blasting armadillos with a doodie gun, this morning.

Yessireee, looks like it's going to be a great day to hunt some armadillos. You seen any?

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