Sunday, January 09, 2005

Six Days and Counting

Sundays are not usually terribly productive around here. Aside from the usual activities like church and napping, we usually act like slugs on Sundays. Today, was not much different. AtHomeDaddy skipped naptime to paint the trim and front door. The door will require at least one more coat, but it is "Good Enough" for the party, if I do not get another coat on it before then. Since I had the paints out, I touched up the back patio door and trim, too.

As long as everyone notices the pretty red door when they come to the birthday party, I will have skipped a nap for a good reason. The rest of the day was spent watchingg sports and hanging out with the wife and 'tater tots in the back yard. No one got broken, so it must not have been too exciting.

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