Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Frenzy Has Begun

One week until The Talker's birthday party! We are in now in full party-prep mode. The Christmas tree is finally down and the decorations are packed and waiting for a trip to the attic. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will cooperate and I can get the lights off of the house after church.

The kids rooms are rearranged and the boy loves his new bed. But the biggest project of the weekend was trimming out the new front door. I finished too late to get the trim primed, but hopefully that will happen tomorrow afternoon. I want to get the trim painted late in the day Sunday or Monday afternoon. The inside of the door is still in need of trim. I will work on that one night this week after the kids are in bed.

Allergy season is in full effect here. So please forgive me if I cut this short. I am going into the garage to find something to gouge out my own eyes. So that they will stop itching.

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