Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Flashback to the Alma Mater

Watching all of this college football has given us a lot of opportunity to reminisce. A few examples to share:

We are reliving our college years by buying new plastic cups today. Not because we really need more cups, but because we are out of dishwashing soap and we had no clean glasses in the entire house. Even the Rudolph mug was used (at least twice...) today. Don't lie, you've been there, too. At least I was not using the Rudolph mug in July. That would just be sad.

The Talker and I celebrated the Texas Longhorns win at the Rose Bowl by lighting some fire crackers that we found when helping clean out my grandmother's house a month ago. Goodness knows how old those things were. It is OK though, the boy was wearing his helmet!

And why was our son is running through the house wearing a bicycle helmet and lighting fire crackers on the patio with daddy? That is simple. He was playing hockey while wearing one fuzzy red sock. And his hockey stick doubles as the "Doodie Gun". You really don't want that thing to go off in your face, thus the need for a helmet. And maybe a face mask.

Just ask KRB, I am pretty sure all of this happened to me once, maybe twice, back in Crumley Hall.


Rick said...

It kind of reminds me of the monster we built in the back yard on Ann Lois. Does yours have a trap door?

Mike said...

No Trap Door. Too many 3 year old fingers around here. But you do come up a ladder through the floor.

I was telling a neighbor the other day that this was basically a 25 year delayed finish of the Fort from Ann Lois.

Great minds...