Thursday, January 20, 2005

Sleep. See The Complete Lack Thereof

The Princess has decided that sleep is highly over-rated. Therefore, The Boss Lady has not gotten any sleep in three days. Somehow, she can function without. AtHomeDaddy is much like a toddler in this way. I needs me 8 or 11 hours of quality rack time so that I can perform the usual wonderment and magic around here.

None of that this week.

I did just get the dishwasher loaded. For the first time all week. Yuck! And managed to eat breakfast this morning. For the first time all week. Shrek cereal and caffeine-free Dr Pepper, Double Yuck! Now that The Princess is snoozing in her high chair, I ought to go take a quick nap.

But now I gots the sugar buzz going. Plus, I am babysitting a neighbor for a couple of hours today and The Boss Lady is working 14 hours! Honestly, I think she is really just going to nap at her desk, but at least I'll be able to hit the sack when she gets home.

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