Tuesday, January 11, 2005

3 days, 4 1/2 Hours To Go, A Punch List Update

In a previous post I told about the thing I had to get done before The Talker's Birthday.

I know you have been waiting for an update:

Front door, DONE! (outside) - It will get another coat of paint, but not before Saturday afternoon. Inside trim, tonight? Maybe.

Sofa recliner, DONE! - A 15 minute repair, once I got the part in the mail. My ass has been back in MY SPOT for a couple of nights.

Swingset, DONE! - We now have 3 fully functional swings and a completed playscape, to boot!

Kitchen faucet, ignored - Still not leaking, still loose, who cares.

And a few more to get done before Saturday morning -

Front Yard, mowed - Backyard mowing and weedeating/edging will wait until Friday afternoon or Saturday.

Cleaning out the garage - A nightly project from now until Friday. No way am I having Norm and the guys over and my garage looks like a junk pile. Hank Hill would not do it, and neither will I.

You might say "Who cares what the garage looks like, it is a kid's birthday party!" And I would tell you "Mind your own bidness."

Besides, who knows when that kitchen faucet might actually start leaking. We might have to do an emergency repair right in the middle of the party. And I want Norm to be able to find what he needs out there.

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