Thursday, January 27, 2005

AtHomeDaddy - i snot that Lame

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, by U2 is finally in the CD player. No excuses. I truly am that lame and boring. It took me like two months to finally break down and buy it.

To make the story even more sad, I would not have even noticed it at the store, except that it was on sale for $10. I just can't resist the little yellow 'SALE' signs on the front of the CD racks.

If it helps me seems less lame, I WAS looking for a new copy of The Trinity Session by Cowboy Junkies. It is not like I was shopping for carpet steam cleaners and I made a wrong turn into the CD section.

On my first evening away from the kids. In two months.

NOW THAT would be really lame. And sad.

And if you think I am lying, just try and prove it. But, if you happen to have access to the in-store surveillance tapes, please let me know. We can deal.

Cause I am not REALLY that lame. Dear Gawdamighty, please tell me I am not that lame. Or boring. Or sad.

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