Saturday, January 15, 2005


The Talker's birthday party looks like it will go off in a few hours without any major hitches. It is cold, but sunny, so all of the neighborhood kids are going to have a blast OUTSIDE.

Actually, just in case it is too cool for anyone, we have rearranged the living room so that they can have play space inside. They can play trains and cars inside or on the 'scape. But, The Big Big Big Loader is getting put away. It is too cool to keep the four year olds away from and it is too new to get broken.

I still have bad memories of one of my birthday presents getting broken DURING a birthday party. That broken toy gun caused me to run away from my own birthday party. It is true, ask The Queen Mother. Sadly, I don't think anyone noticed I had left for several hours. Or days.

So our goals for today:

Give The Talker a good time with his buddies

Have the guests play outside as much as possible

And hopefully, no one will need years of psycho-therapy afterwards

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