Monday, January 03, 2005

Shiny Happy Front Door

The Boss Lady and I have looked for a new front door since we bought our house. Until today, it had the builder's grade windowless steel door with 8 raised panels, just like every other house built in 1982.

Last week, while we were shopping for the last of the lumber for the playscape, Bob found a great deal. The exact door that we most liked was on clearance. He bought one for his house, we bought one for ours.

So this afternoon I maxed out my carpentry skills and installed the new front door. A neighbor came by to ask if I knew what I was doing. He also asked if it was smart to start on this project at 4:30 on a Sunday evening.

"Sure, I've seen it done on TV a hundred times and I looked up instructions on the net. I bet I'll be done by dinnertime." I laughed back!

Basically it was a success. It closes, it locks and I did not break the leaded glass window while installing it.

I still have to make some adjustments before replacing the trim. Actually, I have to start over. Somehow I managed to get it dead on plumb and level. But then I managed to knock it out of plumb while nailing it in. I did not discover this until I installed the knob and deadbolt. And they would not latch.

Crap on a keyring!

After another hour of messing with the door, I got it to latch and lock. Then I messed with it for another hour without making it any better. Or worse. At 10:30 I decided it was "good enough".

The worst part of all, now I have to wait until Friday to tackle it again, since The Boss Lady goes back to work in about 5 hours and 25 minutes. I am planning on using that time to get some GOOD advice (and maybe some help) for the next time I tackle the front door.

But the new front door sure is pretty and the window is really sparkly. And some day I am sure I will feel really good about saving the $250 installation fee. But not until after next Friday.


Celia said...

a sparkly new front door sounds like the perfect way to start the new year. and on sale, even better!

. . . maybe I need a sparkly new front door, too?

love your blog, btw

Mike said...

Yeah, It'll be sweet. When it opens without sticking. But right now it is keeping The Talker busy since he can't walk out the door any time he wants.

Rick said...

Believe it or not, I have installed a few exterior doors. The key is to put in some shims while you have it plumb and then put your nails thru the frame and shims. STOP! Don't drive the nails all the way in until you have them all in place. Check for plumb and square again. (it also really helps if you have the door closed while your installing the frame with the little cardboard spacers in place). Good luck with all that and remember, after you scratch up your new frame, don't worry because putty is your friend and you needed to paint it anyway.

Any tips on transmission filter replacement?

Mike said...

If it is on a Windstar, drive to Great Hills Auto and cuss on the way, then go back and pick it up six hours later.

Leave and cuss some more.