Monday, January 10, 2005

Adding to the Crap in Your Car

AtHomeDaddy just loves the stuff that his kids get when they attend a birthday party. You know the stuff. The junk in the little gift bags that the birthday kid gives to his friends. To tell a family secret, My grandmother was Dutch.

Oops, sorry about that, sometimes I can't even keep the flow of crap at bay on this blog! Bonus points if you know where that 'family secret" came from. Double bonus points if you are willing to admit it publicly. Now, back to the story...

To tell a family secret, most of that stuff never even leaves the car. It lives in the car until it gets broken or lost. That way the house is not full of a million plastic cars and whistles.

So now that it is birthday party week, this would be a perfect time to end the crap-bag tradition, right!?! Yeah, right, you think I am gonna be able to handle the sneers and dirty looks from the neighbors if we don't hand over the parting gifts. No way!

With that in mind, The AtHomeTrio headed to Target to hit the Dollar Spot. So each guest under the age of 16 will leave here with a brand new REAL Hot Wheel, an unbreakable water bottle, a glow stick and some candy. And, because of all of the junk we are serving at this party, these kids will be on a three-day sugar buzz. Glad those sugared-up brats aren't mine.

Besides, my car already has enough crap in it, thank you very much.

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