Wednesday, January 26, 2005

But He is Trying

The Talker received a couple of late birthday presents yesterday. One was the LOUDEST toy I have ever heard. I quickly disassembled that monster truck and "fixed" the volume. Now it only cranks out 83 decibels.

The other is a Fire Truck that has lots of lights, sounds, music AND working windshield wipers. And a sunroof?!? Best of all, at the end of the sound effects, it says "Let's move... This is not a drill!"

So what did The Talker do? He ran to his workbench to get his toy drill. Now the fire truck has a battery powered drill sticking out of the sunroof. And The Talker is annoyed, because the stupid fire truck keeps saying "this is not a drill!", but the boy knows better.

The fire truck is now getting crushed by the monster truck. Of course. What else could happen when there is a monster truck and a dumb fire truck in the same room?

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