Monday, January 03, 2005

Tuesday Night Fights

Well Norm Abram, SuperHandyman Al Carrell and Handy Ma'am would be proud. Actually, they would probably be laughing at me, but I took on the new front door again. But they have their own home improvement TV shows, so they should know what they are doing. If I had my own home-improvement show, it would have to be on Comedy Central and it would have to run late at night or have a lot of #$)@ing bleeping.

Thanks to Rick, I got inspired when The fam and I ran to Lowes for more playscape goodies.

By the way, The Talker will soon have another swing and TWO steering wheels on his 'scape. One upstairs, one downstairs. Why? Because it is what The Boss Lady wants, DUH!

Back to the battle with the front door,

Tonight, I WON! That makes the score Door 1, Mike 1, with the tie-breaker going to the dead-bolt that took me an hour to get installed properly. SO, the final score of The Great Front Door Install (Also known as The Squabble in the Front Hall)

Ladies and gentlemen, in a split decision, tonight's winner and reigning champions, the front-door, dead-bolt tag-team defeats AtHomeDaddy and his 23oz framing hammer.

Damn. And we put up a good fight, too. I should have bit his top hinge off.

But who can stay mad at a door that sparkly and shiny? It is so pretty, standing there all nice and plumb and square.

Feel free to come on over and admire the new door. But be ready, cause that dead-bolt will attack without warning!

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Justa Dad said...

Don’t be too hard on yourself. I have it on good authority that Al Carrell always uses a stunt double when doing a deadbolt install.