Thursday, January 13, 2005

Gotta Love New Toys

If you are looking for instructions for a Tomy Big Big Big Loader, follow this link to a pdf file.
Thanks, Tim for setting up the site.

If you need replacement marbles, email me. I'll send you an order form that I got from Tomy. They still sell the marbles as part of a Thomas the train set

AtHomeDaddy is really having a blast with The Talker's new toys. Yeah, I know, the kid is three years old. But he got really cool toys for his birthday.

The Big Big Big Loader was a huge hit. I was worried that he might not GET it, because it is a pretty passive toy. It is all motorized and the truck runs itself around the track, while it causes all of the machinery to operate. But there is not a lot of hands on interaction.

The boy worked hard trying to figure out this toy. He had me slide it around on the dining table and he pulled the dining chairs all over the room so that he could watch from different angles. I had fun watching him. He played with the Loader for about thirty minutes at first and then he would come back to it for about fifteen minutes at a time throughout the day.

Pretty good for a toy that we bought as a Christmas present and then forgot about after we hid it in our closet.

After his birthday dinner, we hit Target and he made out with a new set of miniature motorcycles on a 1/2 price after Christmas toy clearance.

Me? Just a few fishing lures. Looks like they are shuttering the fishing section and everything was 1/2 off. I could not resist.

And the women? Who knows. Girl toys are boring. I think they got bedspreads or soap or something.

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