Sunday, June 28, 2009

The best rented plans...

So it turns out our smoking deal on a rental car was only half a good deal.

The price was right, but it turns out that we could only get halfway to our destination. They forgot to tell us that they do not allow rentals outside of Texas and the four contiguous states. And on a road trip to California, making record time to the New Mexico/Arizona border just does not really count for much.

Thanks to my new best friend Barbara J. at the Avis counter, we are rolling westward in a Chrysler Pacifica. We lost the 3rd row seat in the transition from one @#*&^)#! rental company over to Avis, but Avis will not claim we have stolen the car if we pass into Arizona (or California), so we have that going for us.
Need a rental car in a pinch in Austin? Head over to the Avis counter and let Barbara J. hook you up.

Anyways, we are moving out early in the morning. Hoping to make it to Tuscon, Arizona for some sleep and to check out some of the awsesomest star gazing in the continental US.

Blogging for the road is a very real possibility, thanks to the laptop and The Babysitter's iPhone.

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Grace said...

Yes. You can see a TON of stars at night in Tucson. It's amazing what you're able to see. Hope it's a great roadtrip!