Friday, August 14, 2009

Man, these kids really know my number...

So the KnuckleHeaded Twosome has been at each other's throats all morning. Or at least since they woke up at a little after 8.

In my best Dad voice I announced that they would be helping me clean the chicken coop before they ate breakfast, because I was evidently sick AND tired of all of the griping. Then they pulled a fast one on me while I was dragging the gear and supplies out of the shed. The arguing little punks started playing nice.

So I left them alone so they could get along. And I cleaned the coop by myself.

Never fear, now that the cleaning is finished, life has resumed it's regularly scheduled bickering. I swear, as soon as the last of the coop cleaning stuff was put away, the bitching and complaining started back instantly.

At least I had 20 minutes of the kids getting-along and now I have a clean chicken coop.

An aside,
the chicks are now about a month old and they are getting sent to chicky boot camp. They will hereafter be taking some licks from M&M, our 10 month old hen, while she establishes the pecking order of the coop. M&M has been knocking the little ones upside the head all morning long, while they spend some bonding time outside in the yard.

Bet it takes her less time to knock them into shape than it has taken me to get my two little ones working properly...

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Surfer Jay said...

Smart lil suckers aren't they