Friday, August 21, 2009

Three of our favorite things (and one, meh.)

If I had my wish, we would have a whole herd of big dogs around here. I love me some Great Danes, Old English Sheep Dogs and of Course, Great Pyrenees.

Until then I guess we will have to make do with a dog food commercial aimed at people who own West Highland Terriers. At least the first 19 seconds of this clip rule!


Eric said...

LOL! We have a westie! Got a problem with that? jk

His name is Andy and.. okay that is not important!

Hope u have an awesome weekend dude!

Mike said...

Westies are great until you can get a REAL dog, Eric. :)

boss lady said...

Around here, the Westies are GREAT for dyeing Red and Blue for July 4th.

Otter Thomas said...

I like big dogs too, but great danes freak me out. They look like horses. My lab weighed in at 103 on his recent vet visit. They said he was too fat and needed to lose 10 pounds.