Monday, July 07, 2008

Calling all AtHomers!

I know there are a few other Stay at Home Dads who stop by the blog once in a while. And if you haven't heard, Aaron Rochlen, Ph.D. and Associate Professor down the road at our hometown university, is at it again.

In the past he has researched "men’s gender role socialization, help-seeking behaviors, and non-traditional work and family roles." Now he is beginning a new study, looking into several areas that are important to Full-time Fathers like:

"1) Evaluating reasons for becoming a stay-at-home father and how this relates to adjustment

2) Looking at plans and perceptions about re-entering the workforce

3) Finding out more about how different factors relate to stigma and reactions from others."
Anyways, you know you want to help. You know you ought to help. Doc Aaron is a good guy. If not, he would do his research on Stay at Home Cows over at Texas A&M.

So if you are a Stay at Homer, like all of the coolest guys you know, then follow the link to add your insights. Just do it. Because Doc Aaron, unlike you children, will listen to you.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE surveys! Now if only I were at dad...
Maybe he'll do a survey on sons and gender rolls someday - I know that by age six, my son knew that "boys don't cry". It broke my heart.

Anonymous said...

CareerMom would drop a big "Hook 'Em" right about now!

alanmoore78 said...


One of the other joys of SAH Daddying is the ability to take surveys on the internet all day long. I have $75 or so in E-rewards credits, $40 or so on SurveySpot, and much more just in the last few months. I'll cash it all in for Christmas shopping. And I get to try out new products. Face scrub, cereal, soda, toothpaste, disposable razors and more have shown up in my mailbox since earlier this year.