Sunday, July 27, 2008

The weekend recap

For the first time in a long time, we had nothing planned this weekend. Cool, right?

Nowhere to go. Nothing to see. Just the way I like my weekends.

Yesterday wii shopped for Wii accessoriis, since The Boss Lady is finallii on board with the new game system. Now that wii have a second set of controllers, thii wife can pound mii senseless on Wii Sports Boxing.

Today we switched our church membership, something we have been planning for a couple of months. We leave behind a church of a couple of thousand and a multi-million dollar campus where we often felt lost in the shuffle and a Sunday School class for adults with developmental disabilities that I helped teach.

In trade, we have joined a church with 600 members that meets in rented space. But we probably know 20% of these people already, so I doubt we will be lost in the crowd. And now the wife and I can actually sit in church together because it will be a while before I take on the teacher role again, even though I will miss the occasional "colorful" language that some my class members used. Nothing like a good curse word or two to liven up a Bible lesson, right?

Other than all that, nothing much going on around here. And I hope it stays that way.

Who is with mii?


Anonymous said...

I almost welcome a busy weekend, because then it means I'm not forced to sit on the (painful) floor and get tackled non-stop.
But I get your point though.

Good luck w/the new church.

We're still looking...

Anonymous said...

once again I know the feeling!
Ever since I've been ordained it has become incredibly difficult just to sit and enjoy a church service. :)

Sitting with the wiffey has actually become impossible...

She's even complained already that I give more attention to the church than to her (and that's because I am more of a Behind the scenes sort of pastor... but hey...

We had a VERY busy weekend!

Will blog about it in the morning...

LEgoland! yayyy!! :)


Anonymous said...

I always felt bad for our pastor growing up. Every now and again, he'd hang out with a few of us families at a river house owned by a mutual friend.

The poor guy could never just sit there and chill without someone feeling like they had to come talk to him about church stuff.

I mean, I was a kid and I figured this crap out. I often thought, "Bet the dude would appreciate me coming over and talking about football...and cheerleaders!"

I never did that...last I heard, he quit the church and took off to sell encyclopedias or something.

If only I'd intervened when I had the chance...