Friday, July 04, 2008

Lawnmower not included

FOF, you got some good eyes.

The real reasons I did not take full pictures of Marge yesterday had less to do with not wanting to reveal The Talker's glorious decorating scheme and more to do with the following:

1. It was dang hot out there when I went to take the pictures.
2. The decorations were not totally finished
3. And the bed of the truck was still full of junk. Like my mower.

This morning, after I gave The Boss Lady's car a quick wash and wax (just FYI a quick wash and wax IS technically possible on a 2001 VW Bug) The Talker and I finished up with Marge. She is now parade ready.

We are off to the neighborhood parade and to paraphrase The Simpson's, we will celebrate America's Independence by blowing up a small piece of it! Hope everyone has a wonderful 4th and don't blow your hands off with your illegal fireworks.

And for those of you who don't follow TruckinDaddy, Marge's blog, here is a flashback to July 4th, 2004. When she was still on the farm.


Anonymous said...

You got 'er decked out All-American! Baseball, hot-dogs, apple pie, and red white & blue Chevrolet!

The Father of Five said...

I would have stood as Marge passed by in OUR parade!

I had more to leave here for you as a comment, but you will have to wait... I felt inspired!

Stay tuned!

The Father of Five said...

Here ya go!

Thanks for the inspiration guys (and Marge)...

An American Image

Love Bears All Things said...

Happy to see Marge is still up for a parade!!
Mama Bear