Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend Recap

The Boss Lady's summer ended this morning when she was at work before 7 A.M. By default, my summer break ended when the kids woke up at 7:05 this morning. Summer Break is righteous, but a Principal's summer break, not so much.

Saturday we headed down to the coast. Where I gathered a nice crop of sunburn because I am an idiot. The kids collected some cool sea shells since The Boss Lady was smart enough to slather them and herself with sunscreen because she is not an idiot.

The kids had a blast playing in the sand and surf. I had fun sitting back with a cold one, after my microwaving was complete.

Yeah boy! That is 7 six-packs of the good stuff, right there! Why only seven? Because that is all there was to be found in the entire town. I even went back to the grocery store on our way out for one last check.

To celebrate a successful road trip, and to give myself a good reason to work up a thirst, I started adding a pergola-style slatted wood roof to the kid's playscape. For now I am going to leave it open like this, to discourage wasps from nesting up there. If it does not give enough shade, then I will consider a solid roof next time.

The wood came from a neighbor's deck that is being torn down. After cleaning it up of old screws and knocking to worst of the old stain off with the power washer, I think it looks pretty cool. Kind of like a clubhouse that kids would build if they had access to power tools and a neighbor who was trashing his deck.

The kids were able to play out there until 11, so I guess it is giving enough shade for playtime.

Also this weekend, while we were out of town and a friend was keeping up with the dog, our neighbor finally decided to trash the old fence. He got the old wood out of the way and is supposed to start installing posts this evening.

The plan is to finish up on Saturday. A little long for a fence project, but still quicker than the cable company.


Will said...

Ah the good stuff, color me jealous. I'm more than a little miffed that no sooner do we finally get Jason's Deli in the HSV, then they remove the good stuff from their taps.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I noticed that Jason's Deli isn't pumping the good stuff over here, either.

Anonymous said...

What kinda old school Dr. Pepper is that? Or has it just been so long since I had one that I didn't realize they changed the red label?

And...is that a bottle of EVOO in the background, or some kind of yummy liqueur?

Mike said...


That there is Dr Pepper made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar, not corn syrup. AKA - The Good Stuff!

The way Dr Pepper used to be made and for generations, only made like this in Dublin TX.

From what I understand, these particular bottles are being filled in Victoria TX by the Gods and Goddesses who work in that bottling plant.

More than you ever cared to know about Dr Pepper?

Mike said...

And there is no telling what one might find in Pop's kitchen EVOO and yummy liqueur are always both within reach.

But luckily for me, so is The Good Stuff!

C:) said...

Hey ex-Crumley-an,
I'm about to join the ranks of the At Home Daddy brigade. Is this the support group?
Couple things:
1. Nice work on the truck.
2. Where'd you find the Imperial Dr Pepper?
3. How'd you track me down?
4. Plug: Seen Kung-Fu Panda?

The Father of Five said...

Couple of things..

#1 - I have heard good things about the Imperial Sugar Dr. Pepper. (aka- "The Good Stuff") I think I saw it on "unwrapped" on the food Network or something like that!

#2 - TOTALLY AWESOME job on the playground! I mean that... Very creative, functional and aesthetic too!

Frank Lloyd Wright - move on over!

Mike said...

C Man,

I posted this over on your blog, too. Long time no see. Lucky for you.

Anyways, I found you because the kids were actually playing nicely and I was wasting the morning snooping around on Google and hit your linkedin site. Kyle is moving close by in a couple of weeks and I was asking him a couple of months ago if he knew where you ever ended up.

The truck is a total beater, but it is a nice hobby and the kids like to cruise the neighborhood with me. But at 8 mpg and $4.50 a gallon, the truck stays in the garage mostly.

Imperial Dr Pepper- Came from the coast. They bottle it in Victoria. Jenna's dad lives in Palacios on Matagorda Bay and I buy up all I can find each trip.

And for the record, the kids and wife loved Kung Fu Panda, but I count it a privilege that is the one thing the kids did this summer WITHOUT me. Now that I know to look for your work, I might have to check it out.

AtHomeDadding= no worries except that whole twin thing. Watch out for the evil one. And you have to learn to love kid movies, but I guess that part will come easy to you, right?

Mike said...

Thanks FoF.

That last picture of the playscape makes some of the roof look crooked. I spent half an hour out there on a ladder trying to find the problem, but I think it looks better in person. Or maybe I am just tired of looking at it!