Friday, July 25, 2008

I think I Wii'd in my sleep

How many days until I stop seeing Mii characters in my nightmares? And is that a sign that I might have been in front of the Wii console just a little too much?

For the record, The Talker is the world's greatest Wii bowler. But you have to give him some serious room to work with. That back swing is an awesome thing.

The Princess is the queen of Miis in our house. She convinced me try out the Check Mii Out Channel, through the broadband connection. There we found Miis that other people had designed in some of our favorite styles. Tigger, Chicken Little, Indiana Jones. They also have Snoop Dogg if you need.

Thanks to the Check Mii Out Channel, Batman and Barack Obama bowled head to head in our living room last night. Barack won even though his ball seems to swerve to the left every time.

Ba dum bump. Thank you, Cleveland! I'll be here all week.


AMR said...

Watch out for wiielbow pain from bowling too much. 3+ hour sessions are not recommended.

Anonymous said...

Haha Wii'd in your sleep! Love the heading...

Anonymous said...

that sounds great!
I am trying to convince the wiffey that a third video game console is NEVER too much! (We've got a Playstation (mainly used by the TB) and an X-Box (mainly used by me)...

I've even played the Wii fit card... she's tempted... but the force within her is too strong! heheheh

so... which characters give you the biggest hibbie jibbies in this nightmares then?!?!?!?



Anonymous said...

I had long ago purchased, "Tomb Raider Anniversary" for my PS2 and gotten stuck on a level where you had to do this weird button combination really fast in order to kill the baddies.

I recently tried it again and WOOT! I got it. So now I'm playing it with a vengeance whenever I have free time. The other night, I dreamt I was running around in caves.

So, it ain't just you my friend!

Ginger said...

Now that you have a Wii, Wii need to figure out how to be connected and share, etc. I must tell you that Mario Galaxy is wonderful but don't get it if you ever want to do anything else around the house.The Indiana Jones Lego is also awesome but not as addicting as the Star Wars versions.