Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lego Madness

The Talker has just felt the drop of The Hammer. He is off the Legos for a while. Because my foot hurts.

His room was such a disaster that it required the two of us almost 30 minutes of straightening just to make it halfway decent looking in there. The room still isn't totally picked up. And he is already onto playing with other toys, but losing his Lego privileges seems to have already made a little bit of an impact.

It all started when I reached to help pick something up. And I stepped, bare-footed, on some half built and now smashed, pointy and sharp Lego contraption buried under the other junk.

After I quit crying about my foot I bellowed "ALL Legos are getting put away! NOW! Parts, pieces, projects buildings, cars, people, animals, boats, planes, trains, farms, towns, cities, cops, robbers, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and all their respective cohorts and any other Lego stuff that I forgot about are going into the Lego box on the top shelf of your closet for storage until further notice!"

The boy took the bad news like a champ. He started putting every Lego in the box and he did it without much complaint. Which goes a long way towards getting them back sooner...

But I almost cracked up when, as he was packing up, he set a stack of Lego magazines in the box. "Here Dad, these are about Legos, so I guess they go in, too."

Which got me thinking, should the blockade apply to his Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars video games, also?

Just for the record, The Princess, she is off Polly Pockets and all of her associated critters. Not because they hurt your feet, but because The Princess threw a gigantic fit while helping with the cleaning of her room.

Plus, Polly Pockets are created by the devil and
they annoy the heck out of me.


Kristi said...

Kind of funny since I too commented on the lego mess on my T13 today. Legos and K'nex are the only thing that I can use successfully as threats to get them to clean up. If I take them away for two days, the kids are angels with them or weeks afterward.

Susan Godfrey said...

AH! The fun of Legos! Both of my boys are into them and I've stepped or sat on many a creation. Not fun! Riley plays with just the regular legos, but Colt is into the Technic and Bionicle legos. Colt and Marty are saving up for the Mindstorm legos, the ones that you build robots with. The starter set is ONLY $250 or so! If you don't squash the Lego craze now, can you see what you're in for (GRIN!).

Love Bears All Things said...

Lego was the most ingenious toy ever invented. Children can spend hours playing with this toy.

If I wasn't reading this so long after the incident, I'd say to you, Mike, pour yourself a drink and chill.
Mama Bear