Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vacation? What's that?

The Boss Lady only has a week left of her summer vacation. I am starting to think this was the vacation that wasn't meant to be. So far, sickness, the weather and the government have all conspired against us this year.

The Boss Lady was sick most of the last two weeks. Made more fun by the fact that her primary care doc's office was shuttered for his vacation. When the doc finally called in prescription several days after her initial inquiry, The Boss was feeling really bad. Add to that the ER visit that came up the next morning when it became obvious that she was having an allergic reaction to the phoned-in prescription and it all made for a ton of of excitement.

Also, it has just been dang hot. And dry. Which makes kids and AtHomeDaddy whiny. There just aren't enough pools in the entire town to keep away the summer blahs when it is so dang hot. So we have watched a lot of Disney movies. Which makes kids happy but AtHomeDaddy whiny.

Tomorrow The Boss Lady has jury duty and the kids have another Vacation Bible school. Me? I think I'll be hiding from the heat and Walt Disney.

Someone go turn down the AC, OK?

We were originally planning to go down to Matagorda this weekend for some fun in the sand and surf. I balked when another event conflicted on the family calendar. Now that I have seen the weather report for this week, I don't really think I want to stay in town all weekend. I think we will all be heading down to the coast to see who can conspire against our vacation down there.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Man, sorry your vacation sucked so bad.
(It's OK, you can say it sucked!)

Dude, I think you need to send the kids off to VBS, go see Iron Man, or some "guy movie" and then, I don't know...go buy a gun or something!

Just, get "the Disney" outta your system!

Anonymous said...

Many well wishes to the Boss Lady. I myself have been the victim to horrific allergic reaction to medication lately. It's horrible when you're already sick, and I completely sympathize. Hope you guys can have some fun before she has to go back to school. Yuck!