Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shii shouldn't leave on payday!

So the kids have been awesome for the last couple of days, while I have felt awful. The Princess and Talker are back to 100%. I am hovering somewhere near 63%.

We needed milk and I felt like a little reverse bribery was in order. The kiddos were each given a $10 limit to buy a new toy while I picked up the essentials.

On a related note, the Target we shop at hasn't had a Wii in stock that I have ever seen. Until this morning. They HAD 2 in stock and ready sell.

On an another related note, The Boss Lady is at a conference a hundred miles away for 2 more days.

Wii will be having fun later this afternoon.

On a final note, Thanks for the birthday cards, Mother of the Bride, Pops and Mom and Dad. Thii cash should help thii wife get over being pissed at mii a little quicker.


Anonymous said...

Wii purchased a Wii for the boys upcoming Christmas when one of my regular sales sites said they had them in stock. Looks like we got the basic sports package.

Let me know which games you guys like best!

Anonymous said...

Cute...this is why I keep coming back to read your blog!