Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Passing on a love of Junkin'

It is Junkin' Season. Actually today the city trucks should be at our house, to pick up our pile of bulky items that we can only throw out once every 6 months and that will end Junkin' for another 6 months.

Junkin' used to be a neighborhood sport. All the dads would try to outdo each other to see who could find the best treasure, like Maria, in some random pile at some stranger's curb. Then it sort of waned. Who can afford to drive all over the neighborhood for hours on end looking for treasure at $4 a gallon? I can buy new junk cheaper than that!

Plus, nowadays everyone seems to either keep their good junk or sell it on Craig's List.

RaceCar Man and I made one quick jaunt through the 'hood Sunday afternoon. Other than moving a piece of junk from my pile to his yard, and finding a few other little things, the trip was a wash.

After all of the great stuff I have found on the piles around here, a power washer, garage shelving, garden accessories and the like, I came home almost empty handed. I did find a like-new padlock WITH the keys still attached. So that is something.

But even after several poor Junkin' seasons in a row, there is hope for the future of Junkin' Sport. You see, yesterday The Princess spotted a little nightstand on a neighbor's pile. She wanted to use in her room, so we spent a couple of hours cleaning and fixing it up. Now she has declared it her "Beauty and the Beast dresser".

The Princess did all of the scrubbing and cleaning the outside of her find. I fixed a broken drawer slide and helped clean up the inside. It is already in use beside her bed.

And finally, bringing back the competitive past of Junkin', The Talker was ticked off that he had gotten nothing from Junkin' this year. That is, until he found gold! Orange and gold, actually.

At the bottom of a pile, glowing like a beacon, the boy spotted a Vortex football. He is happy with his and all is right with the Junkin' World. Plus, he didn't have to spend a lot of time cleaning his find. Though I think it did stay with him in the bed last night.

Long live Junkin'!


Anonymous said...

been ages since I've been "junkin"

Been to legoland tho!!! :P

will post about it tomorow!


Love Bears All Things said...

Someone's keys are in the drawer pull.
Mama Bear

Mike said...

Nothing wrong with your eyes, mama Bear!

Tjhose are the collected spare keys of cars and jobs past. The Princess thinks they are the keys to her kingdom.