Tuesday, November 07, 2006

37 minutes to the checkered flag!

Screw election day. Today is much more important than that mess.

Today is the day Cars comes out on DVD. We pre-ordered my copy, I mean the kid's copy, so all we had to do this morning was swing by the mall and pick it up.

We got to the mall a few minutes early so we had to cruise around waiting for the Disney Store to open. But before the staff could even get the security gates fully opened,she let the 5 kids waiting outside rush into the store. The Talker grabbed his copy off of the shelf and we browsed the store for a few minutes.

We were walking out of the mall before 10, a full 5 minutes before the store should have even opened. Yeah for the Disney Store staff!

After a pit stop to change The Princess' stinky diaper and to swap out the glitchy living room DVD player, the kids were watching Cars at 10:37 this morning. A new family record for a new release DVD.

Now I am wondering if we can set a new record for number of times a DVD can be watched before bedtime.

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