Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lesson two for today

See this morning's post to catch up on lesson one.

When you set-up a bunch of tents in the front yard to air out, be sure you stake down the nicest, biggest and most borrowed one in when it gets windy. Otherwise you might realize when you wake up that someone else now owns your nice, big, borrowed tent.

Luckily, the neighbor isn't in the market for any camping gear. That sucker had blown right into her backyard. Two stakes holding it down obviously did not keep it from wanting to take a swim in the neighbor's pool.

The kid's and I had driven all over the neighborhood earlier and I had decided that the bastards had struck. My faith in humanity is restored.

Sorry for disparaging the bastards.


jen said...

LOL Great to hear you got your tent back!

Mike said...

I was sure hoping it had just blown away, but I gave up after drving the 'hood. I was already shopping for it's replacement.

The kids thought it was a great time, going hunting for out tent and fishing it out of Wonder Woman's yard.

Susan Godfrey said...

LOL! This happend to us last week when we had that day with the horrible wind. Marty had put up the tent to air out/let the kids play in them. The big one just fell down, but the little one (which was staked down with no less than 7 steaks), blew away and has yet to be found again. He's not too upset by it gives him a good excuse to buy a new one (especially since he never really liked that one anyway!)