Monday, November 27, 2006

A pink and green Christmas!

This evening we finished up our family shopping. I have been trying for more than a month to find something perfect for The Talker. This afternoon, it hit me. He NEEDS a Green Machine.

We had to hit up two Toys R Us locations to find one, but the kids were kept entertained by the playscapes they have installed in both stores. The playscape was a nice distraction while I checked out and hid the boy's cool ride in the car.

The Princess is finally getting her pink kitchen set. She will be a happy little cooking mama. Luckily we picked it up a month or so ago. Costco has been sold out of them for a while.

I am really hyped about the Green Machine. I had one when I was a kid. It ruled. Best of all, I don't think any other kid on the block had one. So I was the cool kid who everyone had to be nice to, if they wanted a ride on the Green Machine. Now that I think about it, I bet that is why Mom and Dad bought it, so that neighbor's would play with me for a few weeks.

But don't get me wrong, I am excited about the pink kitchen, too. In a different way, though. Frankly, I am scared NOT TO give the girl a pink kitchen. The Princess told me that I needed to get busy and build her one after she saw the first one at Costco. Anyways, it has come up several times since.

"Where is my pink kitchen, Daddy?"
"When ima getta pink kitchen Daddy?"
"Daddy, I want to go play with a pink kitchen."

And just last week, she surprised me with "There better be a pink kitchen under that Christmas tree, or there is gonna be heck to pay, buddy!"

So don't go telling The Princess, but one one these pretty girls will be waiting beside the Christmas Tree.

Good gosh almighty and great googly moogly, it is gonna be a gaudy Christmas around here...


Anonymous said...

Green Machine's beat a Big Wheel everyday of the week!!!! ANd someimes kids on Bikes.

Mike said...

Big Wheelers were posers and wannabes.

Right on, Andrew!

KC said...

If my girl would demand a Green Machine, she'd have it in a heartbeat. OTOH, if she threatened me over a pink kitchen, I think she'd find all her presents returned to the store. Can't be seen as soft, can I?

Mike said...

2 year olds. Watchagunnado?

Terry said...

Let me just represent the female population and say that GREEN MACHINES RULE. I never had one, but the brothers (or someone in the neighborhood) did. I cant believe they still make them. I guess it goes to show, Dont mess with perfection!!