Monday, November 06, 2006

Doing the wave!

The Boss Lady's car needed an oil change and I just did not feel like doing it this time, so the kids and I went to the quick-lube place this morning. In and out in 25 minutes. A little more than a buck a minute for an oil change, but it was a lot less hassle this way.

The waiting room has a small porch behind it that faces the freeway. The Talker was standing on the porch waving to all of the cars on the highway. I got him to start waving at the cars on the service road, hoping that someone would wave back.

I was starting to doubt my neighbors, when finally an old man in a Mercury waved back at the boy. The old man was smiling and The Talker was really hyped up that someone responded. Hopefully they will both have a good day now.


Anonymous said...

When my kids are playing on our front driveway they'll stop and wave at cars as they pass by. Usually my neighbors slow down and wave back. It's nice. And the kids definitely get a 'kick' when these busy adults take the time to slow down and smile and wave. I think it's a good way for them to reach out to those around them -- make the first move.

Ginger said...

Gosh! I always wave back at children when I see them wave.

Terry said...

Not a child anymore, but I like to test this principal when out and about shopping. Pick someone out who is in a hurry , get in the way, (make them look at you) and smile real purty... They normally smile in response and tend to slow down for a moment. Smiling is contagious, pass it on!!