Thursday, November 02, 2006

I admit it. I am a catfish eating cheater.

When the wife has to work late the kids and I can be found eating dinner at the old catfish place down by the freeway. We hardly ever go there as a family because the food is adequate, the prices are OK and the service is a tad better than iffy. Not a glowing recommendation, you say?

Well there is something about the little old grannies that wait tables there. Anytime I walk in with the kids, but without the wife, the service goes way up. I guess Alice, Vera and Flo assume that a dad alone is in over his head at meal time. So they help out as much as possible.

And I let them. That is right. I play along and let them treat me like a dunce. But after 13 hours with the kids, it is nice to eat in relative peace and quiet.

"Kids need refills? No waiting tonight. Here, deary, let me cut that up for you. More fries and hush puppies for the girl?"And that was just on one trip to our table...

Tonight the waitress brought refills of fries over to our table that were destined for another table. She told the people waiting that theirs would be out soon because "Those kids are hungry over there."

After the kids finish, each one gets to pick a toy at the cashier's booth. This evenings reward, Dino Eggs for the boy and bubble soap for the girl.

And for AtHomeDaddy? 35 minutes of being treated like a king. Or at least like a clueless daddy. Either way, I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that any place like that still exists anywhere in the USA. I always called them "Hon" places-- short for "fill that up for 'ya, honey." How neat for you, king clueless daddy.

Bill said...

That's awesome. I'd take my kids there. Thanks for the story.